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Unlike the computer, laptop can be easily carried between workplace and home and ideal for people who wish to have work with them. If it is said “What makes laptop’s universally unique”, of course “Screen Hinges” won’t be wrong answer at all. Hinges offers excellent support for the screen to just move back and forth to open and close the laptop number of times.

iFixLappy – Laptop Hinges Repair

Hinges are the most essential parts of laptop architecture which gives user exactly needed screen adjustments. Laptop hinges have been always invisible to the eyes throughout lifetime but without them, working on laptop would be very difficult.

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The laptop user never gave much thoughton their hinges while adjusting screen. Reason is why, lack of awareness with the fact that hinges transfer a surprisingly large amount of force, especially when laptop is opened and closed? This makes them losing their functionality over time. At first it might be little loose, sooner or later screen gradually will move backward to a farther position after you initially open it. At the end, total hinge failure will occur and a perfectly functional laptop will suddenly become imperfect.


  • If broken hinge: Laptop won’t open easily.
  • If jammed hinge: stopped laptop screen movement.
  • If hinges were bent: Laptop won’t shut properly.
  • If rusted hinges: Produce an unpleasing sound in laptop .

For the above reasons, you are not able to open or close your device properly. We recommend you get it repaired as soon as possible at the iFixLappy Hinges Repair Service center.

To save your valuable time you can also take the appointment with engineers for home based dell hinge repair service in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Noida region.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: 1 How much will iFixLappy centers charge for repairing the laptop hinges?

Answer: We provide both replacement and repairing hinges services at iFixLappy’s Post Warranty Dell Service Center. Clients get laptop hinges repaired @ 600 Rs only but prices may vary with the change of brands and model of laptops.

Write to us on our email id: with subject: “dell hinges repair near me ” to find services at the nearest place.