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Dell Battery Repair & Replacement in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & NCR

Delhi NCR Home Service, Charges Just Rs.200

Batteries are key components of most electrically powered appliances. These power storage media is found in cars, laptops, CD players, and other home appliances.

People focus on battery life while purchasing a brand new or used laptop. As per the experts: Laptop batteries life begin decline inside 1–2 years. Despite all of that, the battery works last long 2 to 3 years if utilized carefully. Sometimes, a brand new battery is not even worth the investment. To escape from such unwelcome hazardous, Laptop users can follow Dell Laptop Battery Repair Service Center’s guidelines to maximize the battery life?

  • Keep turn on Laptop’s Battery Saver mode
  • Keep brightness in perfect mode
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, if not required
  • Plug-out unused peripherals
  • Always charged the laptop before turn off

If your dell laptop is not accepting the charging even though plugged in. No doubt, works hampered? An aging battery is one of the most common cause that has been seen in most of laptops. However, bring your laptop to our dell post warranty center where our professionals will test the laptop and tell you the cause of problem.

The laptop is fulfilling the needs from a performance perspective, but battery backup troubles you even though you recently changed it. We offer Dell Laptop Repair and spare parts replacement services at our given centers. These iFixLappy centers are armed with the modern charging and discharge testing tools and carry out all the safety norms.

  • Dell battery repair / replacement Delhi
  • Dell battery repair / replacement Noida
  • Dell battery repair / replacement Ghaziabad

Laptop owner who wants services at the nearest location: Just type “dell battery replacement near me” on the Google search to get iFixLappy laptop service center at the near distance.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: 1 How much does iFixLappy charge for a new laptop battery?

Answer: It is not possible to tell you the exact price of new battery without knowing precisely what model laptop you are using. Reason is why Laptop batteries are come indifferent shape and size and differs with the brand and model series. But if you are not willing to buy a new battery,directly rush to the iFixLappy post warranty Dell Laptop Replacement Service center to get repaired laptop battery.